Take the Emergency Out of your Patient Flow

Take The Emergency Out Of Your Patient Flow
Patients coming through the Emergency Department often experience delays in care due to inefficient healthcare processes.  With effective healthcare data analysis, health systems are able to reduce cycle time, improve patient flow and, most importantly, improve the patient experience.

This data-driven process improvement not only does wonders for the quality of care and patient experience, it also cuts down on facility’s waste, costs and errors for sustainable efficiency, steady growth and measurable success.

Today hospitals capture a myriad of information from a variety of systems, EHR, Registration, Clinical and Financial, but lack the ability to effectively aggregate this information into useable, real time data to improve inpatient and outpatient flow, patient satisfaction and outcomes and hospital operations.

When used effectively this
information can help:

  • Develop pacing metrics and provide real time and predictive patient flow data
  • Identify patterns providing predictive and real time operational guidance
  • Create “what if” scenarios to solve specific problems or guide process improvement
Examples of important data
for patient flow management includes:
  • Staffing trends and ratios such as waiting room census to RN and Physician staffing or budgeted MD, APC and RN staffing to demand,
  • Individual provider productivity and real time monitoring of patient distribution and test utilization
  • Monitoring adjacent unit information against real time input, throughput and out put
  • Inpatient bed availability and anticipated discharges coupled with predicted inpatient demand from the ED
  • Understanding historical acuity and patient arrival times, and the ability to predict future arrival and acuity
When this information is available to both ED physicians and Hospitalists, and they share incentives to reduce admission times, overall patient flow and satisfaction improve.
Does your team have all the data
they need to effectively manage your patient flow?
Essential patient flow information is readily available within today’s hospitals.  HPA has developed the tools to help health systems effectively aggregate and use information from multiple systems in real time in a non invasive, predictive manner that requires minimal IT time to implement.  Contact us to learn more.

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